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Ink Cartridges

Printer cartridges are important components greet in the inkjet printer , the cartridge can be replaced or distant , the cartridge has a function as a reduction in the printer ink to production issued during the writing touch. Cartridge for every printer brand is differrent. For Epson Printer, usually the cartridge separate with the head print. Because separated , the price of the pickup Epson printers is relatively cheaper than other brands because of the pricey costs caused by the instant we buy the cartridge when the cartridge is fused with the head . Generally, consumers do not experience that the value of the printer head can come nearly half the price of the printer itself .

The technology that applied for each printer brands is different, for example printers using Epson Micro Piezo technology, namely the use of a special called piezoelectric crystal in each the print process. In its application , the crystal will change the size and shape , thus forcing ink produces ink droplets are smaller with a higher density of each drops, the result is the Epson printer prints better color and sharper than any other brand printers. So, that the printer known suitable for digital printing and photo printing . The technology that makes Epson different from other printer manufacturers such as Canon and Hewlett - Packard ( HP ) , which relies on the technology of thermal ( heat ) to the printhead printer .

How does the Cartridge Printers Work

Ink cartridge is an essential component that is used to print various documents . This component can be refilled or replaced with a new cartridge . The printing process is not possible without the ink cartridge . This article is to know about the ink cartridge and how they help in printing with superb quality for the print - out. Click here to get more information about How does the Cartridge Printers Work

Tips for Cleaning Cartridges

Ink Cartriges
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Important to clean the printer remains to be seen how important the function of the cartridge itself. Cartridge is a special component , because this one component is a one of the important keys in the mediation process liquid ink to a recognizable human form as a series of letters or a picture . To get the desired color , the presence of the cartridge should remain in optimum condition . If the cartridge is problematic , of course, the printout will not be as good as you would expect . Moreover, if the ink dry on your cartridge , printouts will surely much worse. Click here to read the tips about clean your cartridge

12 Tips for Caring your Cartridge

12 Tips for Caring your Cartridge
Cartridge is one of the most printer components must be guarded against damage . Cartridge price also varies , even some of the series and brand printer cartridge prices for nearly half the price of the printer . In addition , sometimes there is also a cartridge that can only be used for single-use . To be durable and long lasting , the cartridge must be treated with care. Click here to see the full tips for your Cartridge

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